Edfocus Abacus Training

    A global leader in advanced Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs specially designed for children in the 4-14 year age span and for the self employed people


    Abacus Teacher Training

    EdFocus provides Abacus Teacher Training for Private / Publc Sector Teachers, Graduates, Unemployees, and other interested community.


    Abacus Senior Level

    Children of the age group 6 – 14 are eligible to join this course. The course has been structured into 8 levels. Each level lasts for 3 months.


    Edfocus – Smart Kids

    Introduction to Abacus, Manipulating the beads, Simple Addition,Subtration, Games that boost the memory power of the kids.



    " Empowering Young Indians through effective Communnication".



    "Speaking well in public sets you apart from your colleagues and ensures Success."

Study Centres

Edfocus Abacus Training Gym is a reputed internally accredited educational institution with more than 350 centres spread across Tamilnadu, Pondy and Srilanka.

Edfocus Abacus Training Gym has evolved into an ISO 9001:2015 Company, the first ever Indian company in the field of Abacus Education to have won this distinction.

Today, as a vibrant organization, Edfocus Abacus Training Gym stands for a mission committed to creating a new generation mentally equipped for challenges in a competitive environment. Steered by a leadership with vision, Edfocus Abacus Training Gym has set new benchmarks for the industry and is increasingly becoming popular across India by its innovating programs and teaching technology.

We are committed to achieving our mission by implementing quality systems in all areas EdFocus combines an ancient teaching tool with modern instructional expertise to stimulate child development and whole brain development while promoting learning and math in particular, as fun and exciting.


What our Students are say..

  • I improved in my communication and learnt a lot about personality development. I improved my confidence level too. - Manoj

  • I had over come the fear.Now I am confident to read and to speak with others.Thanks to Global Edfocus. - V.usha

  • This is gods gift to us to learn at COMFLOR.. I went to many institutes but I didn`t learn anything but I know I can read and speak with confidence.I feel happy to speak with my friends. Thank you.. - K.murugan

Contact Us

  • 2nd Floor AVS Complex, Palacode-636808,Dharmapuri Dt,TN,India
  • Mobile: (+91) 73737-77141
  • Mobile: (+91) 99527-20447
  • Mobile: (+91) 73737-77142
  • Mobile: (+91) 99763-25442
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